Our Guarantee

At Logan Social Services, our goal is to help improve your quality of life through education, and to assist you in meeting your court and probation requirements. Our engaging course material has made us the new industry standard in online community service providers.

Realizing the documents you receive from us must be accepted to be of help to you, we offer free letters of acceptance. We strongly recommend you use the appropriate letter below before beginning work or making any payment. Use these letters to give the Judge, court clerk or your probation officer an opportunity to approve your work. While we have had positive responses from clients, court systems and probation officers, there are those who absolutely will not accept online work or study for community service completion.

Other companies guarantee your work will be accepted after you have committed your time and money to their program. Our free letters of acceptance address that question before you start, allowing you to secure your own guarantee of acceptance. Make no payment until you have received confirmation that our online classes will be accepted to complete your community service requirements.

1 - 5 Hours of Community Service$29.95
6 - 10 Hours of Community Service$59.95
11 - 25 Hours of Community Service$79.95
26 - 50 Hours of Community Service$99.95
51 - 75 Hours of Community Service$109.95
76 - 250 Hours of Community Service$129.95
251 - 500 Hours of Community Service$149.95
501 - 1000 Hours of Community Service$169.95
(You Can Specify the Exact Number of Hours You Need During Signup)
If you have any concern about acceptance of our program, print the appropriate letter above and submit it for approval to the correct party.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
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